The name of this organization shall be Walton Republican Women Federated, hereinafter referred to as WRWF.  This organization is affiliated with the Florida Federation of Republican Women (FFRW) and with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).  The IRS has classified NFRW and all its affiliates as 527 Political Organizations.  We are not 501 (c)(3) not for profit organizations.


The objectives of this organization shall be to

    Promote and inform the electorate through political education and activities;     

    Disseminate information to all members;

    Foster the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active participation and candidacies;

    Facilitate cooperation among Republican Women’s Clubs in the State of Florida;

    Encourage loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its principles and candidates in all elections including non-partisan elections;

    Support the objectives and policies of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), The Republican                                                        

    National Committee (RNC), Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) and work for the election of the Republican                    

    Party’s nominee.


Section 1. 

ENDORSEMENT POLICY:  WRWF as a whole and its President shall not publicly endorse any candidate for public office in contested Republican primaries, runoff elections, and special elections, and/or non-partisan elections when more than one Republican is in the race.  Individual members of this organization may work for the candidate of their choice in contested Republican primaries, but not in the name of WRWF or the Federation.

Section 2. 

Neither WRWF nor an individual member shall advocate a split ticket, support an opposition party candidate or act against the NFRW or FFRW policies and bylaws.

Section 3.

WRWF shall not affiliate with any political organization which is not officially recognized as working in concert with the FFRW, NFRW and the RNC.


Section 1. 

(a)  Any registered Republican woman believing in the principles of the Republican Party is eligible for membership.

(b) WRWF must maintain an active membership of ten (10) women to be in good standing with FFRW and NFRW.(c)  Membership in WRWF shall consist of the following

(1)  ACTIVE     Shall be a registered Republican woman with dues current.  Shall have the privileges of voting,

         participating in debate, serving on committees, holding office, and serving as delegate to national  

         and/or state meetings or conventions.      

(2)  ASSOCIATE               

(a)    WOMEN: Shall include those who are voting members of another federated club.

(b)   MEN:  Republican men shall be eligible for associate membership.


  1. Be counted for the purpose of determining the number of delegates to FFRW or NFRW conventions;
  2. Serve as a delegate or alternate, make a motion, or have a voice or vote;
  3. Be a committee chairman;
  4. Be a member of the Nominating Committee or hold any office.

Section 2. 

WRWF shall be a member of the FFRW and the NFRW.

Section 3.

Only members in good standing who are registered Republicans shall be eligible to hold office in WRWF or serve as chairmen of standing committees or as members of the nominating committee.  Only members in good standing shall be eligible to vote in any WRWF election or on WRWF business.

Section 4.

        Members shall be removed from the membership list for actively campaigning for non-Republican candidates or for working against the objectives of FFRW or NFRW.

Section 5.

The Executive Board shall have complete jurisdiction over removal from and reinstatement to membership.


Section 1.

The officers of WRWF shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Fourth Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.    (Only 4 officers are required)

Section 2.  Duties of Officers:

(a)    The President shall

(1)   Preside at all meetings of WRWF and the Executive Board,

(2)   Have general supervision of the work of WRWF,

(3)   Appoint all committees except the Nominating Committee,

(4)   Be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee,

(5)   Co-sign checks, with the Treasurer, that are in excess of $500.00,

(6)   Sign all checks in the absence of the Treasurer,

(7)   Represent the organization at all times or designate someone as representative in her absence or inability to do so,

(8)   Serve as the coordinator between WRWF and FFRW,

(9)  Appoint a Parliamentarian, Historian, Chaplain, and all Ad Hoc Committee chairmen,

(10)  Appoint a Budget Committee annually to consist of the President, Treasurer, and one additional member of the Executive Board, with the proposed budget presented to the general membership no later than the April meeting,

(11)  Appoint an Audit Committee of three (3) members to review the books of the Treasurer on a yearly basis in the March/April time frame,

(12)  Fill the vacancies of delegates and alternates to the FFRW and NFRW Conventions,

 (13)  Hold under irrevocable trust for the exclusive use of WRWF, FFRW and NFRW, the complete membership lists as provided by NFRW’s Bylaws under “Duties of the Treasurer.”

(b) The Vice-President shall  

                In their order, perform the duties of the President in her absence or inability to serve.

(1)    The First Vice President (Membership) shall

(a)  Perform the duties of the President in her absence or inability to serve, and shall fill a vacancy in the office of the Presidency,

(b)  Keep an accurate list of all current regular and associate members, their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, and date joined,

(c)  Send welcome letters, delinquent and/or renewal notices in March and other correspondences to members,

(d)  Perform other such duties as may be assigned by the President.

(2)    The Second Vice President (Programs) shall

  (a)  Arrange speakers for the meetings, send them invitations, introduce them at the meeting, and thank them,

  (b)  Inform the Board and media who the monthly speaker will be,

  (c)  Perform other duties as assigned by the President.

(3) The Third Vice President –Ways and Means – shall

  (a)  Schedule fundraising events.

                      (b)  Maintain accurate records of all funds raised for WRWF.

                     (c)  Perform other duties as may be assigned by the President.

(4) The Fourth Vice President – Public Relations – shall

                     (a)  Chair Newsletter Committee.

(b)  Assure photography at all events.

                    (c)  Assure publicity for all events.

                    (d)  Chair Scrapbook Committee.

(e)  Perform other such duties as may be assigned by the President.

(c)   The Recording Secretary shall

(1)   Record and keep accurate minutes of all board meetings and meetings of WRWF where voting is required and provide a copy of all minutes to the President,

(2)   Be custodian of all records and papers of WRWF and its Executive Board,

(3)   Read at regular meetings the report of the Executive Board recommendations and activities that are of concern to the membership. The Secretary shall move for the adoption of such recommendations,

(4)   Perform other such duties as may be assigned by the President.

(d)  The Corresponding Secretary shall

(1)    Conduct the correspondence of WRWF as requested,

(2)    Send out notices of special meetings,

(3)    Retain copies of all NFRW correspondence and resolutions,

(4)    Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President. 

(e)  The Treasurer shall

(1)    Receive and be custodian of all funds of WRWF and disburse them as authorized by the President.

(2)    Keep an account of all moneys received and disbursed.

(3)    Ensure that all bank statements are promptly reconciled to the ledger each month.

(4)    When possible, use prenumbered receipts to record cash transactions.  In cases where there are many transactions, a listing may be sufficient.

(5)    Prepare a voucher package for each check written. It may include a copy of the check, invoice, approval and pertinent data.

(6)    Ensure all cash receipts are deposited promptly within 48 hours.

(7)    Checks written for “cash” are not permissible.

(8)    Present a complete report, in writing, at all meetings of WRWF or ordered by the President,

(9)    Keep an up-to-date roster of the membership of WRWF, with copies to the Vice President of Membership.

(10)  Co-sign, with the President and/or other authorized officer, all checks in excess of $500.00.

(11)  In January of each year, and quarterly thereafter, the Treasurer shall forward the dues and fees for FFRW and NFRW to the Treasurer of FFRW as required by the Bylaws of the FFRW and according to instructions of the FFRW Treasurer.                   

(13)  The books of the Treasurer shall be audited annually by an Auditing Committee appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

(14)  Safeguard the membership lists, which are the property of WRWF, and shall be prohibited from using, or allowing the use of, such lists or any part thereof not authorized by WRWF.

(15)  Deposit all funds of WRWF in a bank approved by the Executive Board.


Maintain accurate, complete and legible records and shall deliver all records, files and properties of WRWF to their successors in office within one month after retiring from office.


Section 1.

The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers, chairmen of standing committees and the immediate past President.

Section 2.

The Executive Board shall have authority to transact any necessary business between meetings, change a meeting date in an emergency, make recommendations as to policies of WRWF, advise the President and fill vacancies other than the office of the President.

Section 3.

Special Committee Chairmen shall be ex-officio members without a vote.

Section 4.

A vice-president or another elected officer, in respective order, may act in the absence of the president.

Section 5.

The Executive Board shall approve the appointments by the President.

Section 6.

The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the President or upon request of a majority of the members of the Executive Board.


Section 1.

A Nominating Committee of not fewer than three members shall be elected by WRWF at the June meeting prior to the election meeting in November of the odd number election year.  This committee shall elect its chairman from one of its own members and shall report one nominee for each office at the November meeting, after which nominations from the floor shall be allowed.

Section 2.

No one shall be nominated for office whose consent to serve has not been previously obtained.

Section 3.

Officers shall be elected at the WRWF election meeting for a term of two years or until their successors are elected and shall take office at the start of the January meeting.

Section 4.

Election shall be by ballot, except when there is but one candidate for office in which event may be by voice.  A majority shall elect.

Section 5.

No officer shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office, with the exception of the Treasurer.

Section 6.

Only members in good standing prior to November 1st of WRWF election year shall be eligible to vote for WRWF officers.

Section 7.

An Election Committee of not less than three shall be appointed by the President at the November meeting prior to the December election meeting.  This Committee shall provide all election materials and shall act as tellers for the election.


Section 1.

Annual Membership and Associate Membership dues shall be set by the Executive Board and approved by WRWF.

Section 2.

Membership dues shall be paid annually and shall include the per capita dues for the Florida and National Federation of Republican Women.

Section 3.

Dues shall be payable upon application for membership and thereafter annually on or before January 1st.

Section 4.

Dues received after October 1st for new members shall pay for the balance of the calendar year and through the following fiscal year.

Section 5.

Membership dues become delinquent March 1st of each year.

Section 6.

The fiscal year of WRWF shall be January 1st through December 31st.


Section 1.

Regular meetings shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month unless otherwise specified.

Section 2.

Special meetings may be held at the call of the President or shall be called upon request of forty percent of the active members.

Section 3.

A vote of the Executive Board or WRWF membership may be conducted by mail, telephone, fax, or email between meetings provided there is participation by a majority of the members of the body.  The vote shall be ratified and entered into the minutes at the next regular meeting of the body.


Section 1.

The Standing Committees of WRWF may include Award/Campaign, Legislative, Membership, Newsletter, Bylaws, Campaign, Finance, Legislation, Membership, Program, Public Relations, Leadership, Hospitality, Communications, Candidate Recruitment, Achievement, Awards.

Section 2.

The duties of the Standing Committees shall be those as set forth by the State and National Federations for such committees and any additional duties which may be designated by the Executive Board.

Section 3. 

Special Committees may be appointed by the President as deemed advisable, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.  The duties of Special Committees shall be those prescribed by the Executive Board.  Chairmen of Special Committees shall not be members of the Executive Board by virtue of their appointment.  (Suggested committees include Americanism, Community Activities.)

Section 4.

All Committees shall give verbal reports when requested.


 Twenty percent (20%) of the total membership in good standing shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting. 


Section 1.

Delegates and Alternates to all State or National Federation conventions and conferences shall consist of the President of WRWF or, in her absence, an elected Officer as proxy, and as many others as are provided for in the Bylaws of the State and National Federation.

Section 2.

Attendance to the FFRW Annual Meeting by the President, or in her absence an elected officer as proxy, is mandatory unless otherwise provided in writing by the FFRW.

Section 3.

Delegates and Alternates shall be registered Republicans and shall be nominated from the floor and duly elected at the monthly meeting of WRWF or special called meeting for that purpose held at a meeting date prior to the convention or conference as specified by the State or National Federation.


Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern all proceedings, except where inconsistent with the provisions and Bylaws of WRWF.


These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance at any regular meeting of WRWF, adjourned session thereof, or at a special meeting called for that purpose, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been given in writing to all members at least ten days prior to the meeting.


WRWF may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance at any regular or special meeting of WRWF provided that the notice of the dissolution has been submitted in writing at least thirty days prior and has been sent to all members of WRWF.  In the event of dissolution, the Executive Committee shall, after payment of all liabilities of WRWF, distribute any remaining assets to the FFRW.  No funds shall be distributed to any member or officer of WRWF.  The right to use the name of a dissolved club shall revert to the FFRW.

These bylaws approved and adopted by WRWF this day 9-12-2019

President Lisa Johnson                                                      


  1. The address of Walton Republican Women Federated is

PO Box  6443
Miramar Beach, FL     32550-6443

  1.  Keys to the PO box are assigned to President and Treasurer.  PO box keys may not be reproduced.  They are the responsibility of the person assigned.       
  1. 25% of all donations collected for fundraising projects, excluding Continuing Education Grant funds, shall be retained in the treasury for convention and conference registration for the President or her proxy. Members representing WRWF at conventions and conferences who are in good standing for one year prior to the event will be reimbursed early-registration fees only.    
  1. A book will be presented annually to a library in memoriam for a deceased member.
  2. An officer or committee chairman of FFRW will be invited to conduct the installation of elected WRWF officers at the January meeting following the election.
  1. The Executive Board will meet the week prior to the general membership meeting.  This meeting may be via conference call, email, or attendance at a predetermined location.
  1. Necessary changes in meeting dates may be made by the Executive Board.
  2. The retiring President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be obligated to yield the updated WRWF history and copies of all recorded minutes and records to the new officers.
  1. Annual membership dues (Jan.1—Dec. 31) are $40.  New members joining for the first time on Oct 1—Dec. 31 will have their dues posted to the following calendar year.  Membership automatically includes membership in state (FFRW) and national (NFRW) organizations.
  1. Associate membership annual dues are $15.  Associate membership is open to Federated members who are in good standing with their primary club from another area.  Male members are Associate members.
  1. REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES are welcome to attend WRWF general meetings (reservation policy requirements are the same as required for member/guest).  Republican candidates may distribute their literature before and after the meetings.  WRWF follows FFRW and NFRW guidelines and DOES NOT endorse candidates prior to the primary election. An exception MAY be Republican Women Federated members running for office. 
  1. Candidates and Press must request in writing and be approved by the WRWF Executive Board prior to any audio/video taping made of presentations to membership.  Allowing such taping is in no way to be construed as an endorsement, support, etc. of an individual candidate or policy.  Privacy of our members and associates is paramount.  Taping will NOT occur during the business portion of the meeting and will NOT include images of our members. Distribution of any photographs or audio/video MUST have written permission of the WRWF Executive Board.                                                                                                                                                                                   
  1. The Federation President, Elected Officers, Standing Committee Chairmen, Club Presidents, and individual club members may support Federated Women members who are candidates in a primary.
  1. Any member using Federation stationary or reproduction of same for promotion of any candidate or cause in the primary, general, or Republican Party elections, or participating in any dispute or contest automatically forfeits her membership and shall be publicly censured.
  2. Members may act in the name of Walton Republican Women Federated only when authorized to do so by the Executive Board.

We, the undersigned, hereby certify that the forgoing is a true and correct copy of the By-Laws of


These by-laws were reviewed and approved (date).

Signed:       Charlotte Flynt

                    Betty Schwab

                    Margaret Crozier


Copyright 2022 Walton Republican Women Federated